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Do I Need An Automatic Coffee Maker?

What is so special about an automatic drip coffee maker?

The Automatic Drip Coffeemaker has been around for a long time and continues to be the most popular type used in the USA today. Pretty well everyone has had one or more of these at one time or another and they are easily the most regularly purchased coffee machines ever made.

This is largely because they are easy to use, the coffee tastes great, and they come with all sorts of features and abilities.

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers
Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Why are they so popular?

Price, of course, affects your decision and you can buy one of these machines for as little as $10.00 (Euro Ware Kitchen Genie 1 Cup Espresso Maker) to more than $5,000 depending on the type, which options you most want, and what their specific role will be.

On the subject of price, it’s worth remembering that a standard 10-cup automatic drip coffeemaker will cost considerably less than both larger and smaller coffee makers since those are less plentiful in the market and tend to serve a more precise purpose.

Basically, how do they work?

Drip coffee makers have a cold-water reservoir into which the water is poured. From the reservoir, the cold water goes through a non-return valve and on via a heating tube, which heats the water to the required temperature, and is subsequently distributed (dripped) over the coffee grounds before draining through the grounds into the cup or mug below.

This ease of use is what makes these automatic drip machines so popular. Anyone can use them and they are so easy to maintain.

Today, most automatic coffee makers come accompanied by a broad assortment of extra options and features; especially those costing the most money. You need to spend time checking exactly what you want so you get the best coffee machine for your needs.

The commonest feature by far is the humble timer. Before going to bed the night before, you can fill your drip coffee maker with water and coffee grounds then decide the time you want your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee the next day.

It can be both time consuming and frustrating to have to prepare your cappuccino or latte coffee every morning and it is easy to do it the night before.

Where can I buy one?

Automatic drip coffeemakers are readily available across a whole range of stores throughout the country. From supermarkets, to retail stores, to thrift shops, you will invariably find a good selection from which to choose.

In addition to this there are many online websites that specialize in automatic drip coffee makers. So! If you are comfortable shopping onine, this can be a very cost-effective option for you. The great thing about on line shopping is that you are usually presented with many different deals, which you can weigh up almost simultaneously.

They may often sweeten the deal by giving you a bonus supply of coffee, or get a free coffee of the month trial, or you might be able to arrange to upgrade your coffee machine at a reduced price later on.

The types of coffee beans you use in your drip coffee machine, where they were grown and how they were treated will make all the difference to the taste of the coffee you brew. If that’s not important to you, and you just want a cup of coffee, you can use any type you like.

For those that love a specific coffee taste, they will probably buy a specific roasted bean and grind it themselves, or use a grinder at the supermarket.

There is a huge range of coffee bean types available for you to try with your automatic drip coffee maker. You’ll get a lot of pleasure from experimenting with the different types of coffee bean. You have an interesting journey ahead and I’m already feeling a little envious!

Half Full or Half Empty, Which Are You?

We all know bright, cheerful people who nearly always seem to look on the bright side of life. And we also know people who are invariably down-in-the-dumps, miserable and tending towards fearing the worst. We consider the former to see life’s glass as being half full, while for the latter it is rarely better than half empty.

transform your thinking positively
… to positive thoughts!

The major difference between the two comes down to the power of thought – positive in the case of the “half full” brigade; decidedly negative in the case of our “half empty” friends.

It would be great if positive thinking was something you could switch on and off when you felt like it – but unfortunately it isn’t. You’re either a positive person the majority of the time or you aren’t. But you can change and there are many benefits to becoming a person who looks at the world through positive eyes.

Positive thinking has been a major factor in the success of countless people around the world; myself included. If you go back in time and look at the lives of some of the most successful people in history.┬áPeople who have achieved greatness in their respective fields, you’ll see they all had a positive approach to life and believed in themselves and their eventual success.

They also put in the energy and effort to make sure what they wanted to achieve became a reality. So yes it really does work but only if you are willing to put in the effort.

Fortunately, if you fall into the ‘negative’ camp, there is much you can do to permanently change your outlook on life.